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Your loved one in need, is our friend indeed. 


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The elderly are one of the most neglected and forgotten communities of our society. At Infinity Home Care Service, we provide a multifaceted elderly concierge service, that allows the elderly to not only keep their dignity, but to continue to have a qualify of life.

In our effort to contribute to our community and society as a whole, we care for your loved one with the professionalism required in healthcare, as well as the TLC they deserve.

Research shows that social interaction is an essential to having quality of life. Unfortunately, as our loved ones get older, our responsibilities and schedules prevent us from being able to give them the attention they may need. That is where Infinity Home Care comes in.

Services Provided


Personal Shopping

Meal Preparation


Household Maintenance

Movie Time & Other Fun Activities 

We specialize in caregiving, but our service is not a one size fits all. What's sets us apart is our approach to meeting the various needs of each of our clients. We also help with active aging, in home safety, and assistance with technological advances. Let us give your senior quality caregiving, with a dose of friendship.

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Contact : Sharon at (678) 206-5572.

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